3 More ways to use your lipstick in make-up

Lipstick is not just for your lips but can also be used in a few other ways in make-up


The lipstick is one of the favourite cosmetics of women as it helps to bring out the best of the face. Investing in a good lipstick is a great idea as it lasts long and can be used in a number of occasions. Not many are aware that a lipstick can not just be used on your lips but can also be used in other useful ways in make-up. Surprisingly there were three more ways the lipstick can be used in the make-up.

1. As a color corrector – This is the best for those who have the problem of dark spots and eye bags. You just need to apply some red lipstick under the eyes and on the dark spots. You need to make sure that you blend it well to make it mix up with the foundation and concealer. You will not know unless you try it yourself.

2. As a blush – This is one of the easiest hack for make-up. You just need to take a dab of your favourite pink lipstick and start applying it on your cheeks. This particular hack is for the times when you have limited products at your disposal or are helping someone with last minute make-up. It gives a nice blush to the face and make you glow. You can also try to mix it up with some fine glitter as it can turn in to a good highlighter and make your face glow. This hack is also useful when you are attending a day event.

3. As an eyeliner – Black is old and now the coloured eyeliners are something that are trendy. You can use you liquid lipstick or matte lipstick to get the perfect coloured look. You can use a fine brush to apply it as an eye liner. If you are bold enough then you can also use bright colors and see the difference in your look.

Photo Credits: Pixabay