McDonalds in US to require customers to wear face masks

Customers of McDonalds in the US will have to wear face masks


A number of public places including the salons, restaurants and hotels are now allowed to reopen post pandemic in the US. But with the ease in the rules, it has now become a challenge to contain the virus as a number of people are now venturing more outside and are visiting places for their convenience. While a number of restaurants and retail giants have made it compulsory for the customers to wear masks, McDonalds has also made it compulsory for its customers to wear masks when they visit. The rule will be applicable from August 1, 2020.

McDonalds has become the latest fast food giant to make the mask rule compulsory. The need for the new rule has been made mandatory after fresh cases of coronavirus have surged in the South as well as the Western parts of the country. McDonalds in a press release has mentioned about the latest studies that have mentioned about the droplets that have the potential to stay in the air for a long period of time and will increase the risk of the spread of the virus especially the ones who are asymptomatic.

The press release from the fast food giant added that the Centre for Disease Control has given out a guideline that required people to wear face coverings which is an effective way to prevent the spread of the virus. Currently, about 82 percent of the restaurants in the state and other localities require the facial coverings for the employees and the customers.

McDonalds has also said it is important that they protect and consider the safety of their employees as well as the customers. Another interesting announcement the fast food giant has made that if a customer denies wearing a mask then they would indulge in some additional measures and would take care of the person and the situation in a friendly way. Coronavirus originated in the Wuhan city in China and spread to the rest of the world in matter of a couple of months.

Photo Credits: Pixabay