Taco Bell discontinues popular 7-Later Burrito from menu

Apart from the 7-Later Burrito, Taco Bell has discontinued a bunch of food items from the menu


American fast food company Taco Bell has been popular for its menu. The 7-Later Burito, that was the favourite of many people has now been discontinued by the chain. The announcement was made by Taco Bell last week and the progress is being made as an attempt to simplify the menu. A PR representative in an email wrote that it is simplifying its menu to streamline its operations. Before the actual announcement was made, the company was already bombarded with many angry emails from fans.

The fans of Taco Bell used to enjoy the 7-Later Burrito, Loaded Grillers and Potato Bites, but now it seems like the items on the menu would soon be discontinued. The email added that they are introducing the $1 Beef Burrito to the Cravings Value Menu and are bringing back the $5 Grande Nachos Box for a limited period. Talking about the 7-Later Burrito, it has been the favourite among the non-meat lovers and it has been as popular as the Big Mac.

Despite its popularity, the removal of the popular item from the menu comes as a surprise. But 2020 is all about the unexpected things. The special item is being removed, but a number of items are still being added. The new items are surely expected to be equally popular among the fast food lovers. The Quesaritos are also removed from the menu, but the good news is that it will continue to remain available online and in the app which means that they are actually not going anywhere.

The rumours about the popular food items being dropped started to spread earlier last week. A Taco Bell employee had reported that the Grande Nacho Box was returning. The fast good giant is actually discontinuing a whole bunch of food items from its menu and it includes Triple Later Nacho, Loaded Grillers, Tostada, Beefy Frito Burrito, Spicy Tostada, Nacho Supreme and more.

Photo Credits: Pixabay