Best Buy makes it mandatory for customers to wear masks

Best Buy has made it mandatory for the customers to wear masks before they enter the store

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US based consumer electronics retailer Best Buy has made an announcement on July 14, 2020 that states that it will require all the shoppers, who visit the store, to wear face masks. It is the latest requirement that has been announced by a major chain during the time when the coronavirus infection continues to spread but the nations have allowed to reopen in order to keep the economy rolling. Last week it was coffee chain Starbucks that had announced that the customers would have to wear masks or face coverings in all of its 9,000 company-owned stores.

Even Costco requires its members to wear masks in the stores beginning from May, 2020. The new policy of Best Buy will go in to effect from July 15, 2020 and applied to about 1,000 stores across the country. Customers who do not have any face coverings, Best Buy will provide them with one while the small children and customers who are not able to wear one due to health issues, can shop without them. Coronavirus has so far infected about 3.3 million people in the country and more than 130,000 people have died.

The cases continue to rise and many of the cities and states are considering to reimpose restrictions to control the new outbreaks. The authorities are also trying to implement for the public to wear face masks while at public places. Doug McMillon, the CEO of Walmart while talking to a leading daily earlier this week said that it is also considering to make it mandatory for the customers who are visiting its stores. At present the Walmart customers need to wear face coverings or masks before entering its stores where either the governor or the local authorities have implemented the rule.

On the other hand the industry groups and unions are also demanding to make the masks mandatory for the customers due to safety reasons. A number of incidences are surfacing where people are raging when they are asked to wear masks while at a public place like a store or at a public place.

Photo Credits: Pixabay