Amazon to introduce Dash Cart for grocery shopping

The Dash Cart by Amazon is the future way to shop at a grocery store

dash cart

Amazon has introduced a new way of shopping for its customers by introducing the Amazon Dash Cart. It is a smart grocery store shopping cart that has the ability to identify the items that are placed in the cart and then charges the buyer for the items that have been placed in the cart. The new smart cart will first be introduced at the Amazon grocery store in Woodland Hills , California later in 2020.

However, the new smart cart is not meant for those who are on the regular grocery shopping for the month when you are stocking up. The e-commerce giant said that it can carry small-to medium grocery trips that can make for approximately two bags or even less. The Amazon Dash Cart is equipped with some sensors and computer fusion algorithms that help to identify the items in the cart. When the customer has finished shopping they go through the Dash Cart lane in the store that has sensors that automatically identifies the cart and the payment can be processed with the help of a credit card which is on file with the Amazon account.

To begin with, the customer has to scan the QR code in the Amazon app that has the reader on the cart and then they will have to place one or two bags in the cart and begin shopping. When the items are added, the customer has to hear a beep and if the cart turns orange, that means that the cart has not identified the item.

There is also a screen at the top of the cart that allows the customers to access the Alexa Shopping list and checks things off. The cart will also have a coupon scanner that will apply coupons as the customer shops. With the latest technology, Amazon intends to introduce the Just Walk Out tech to a grocery store but that also seems to be a challenge.

Photo Credits: Pixabay