Samsung launches wireless charger with UV Sterlizer

Samsung has launched the much awaited wireless charger that can charge the device while sterlizing


Samsung is back in its innovation mode and has launched a new device which is a 10W wireless charger that can charge your phone while it is being sterilized with UV-C light. Sterilization of smartphones has become the need of time as the coronavirus pandemic has hit a number of nations. Under such circumstances and as a safety measure, it has become important to up our hygiene levels. The UV-C light sterilizer is handy as the smartphones cannot be sterilized with any liquid but UV-C proves to be a great dry sterilizing technique.

Samsung has said that the ultra-violet light kills 99 percent of the bacteria and germs, but the marketing content has not made any mention if it would be effective to protect the device against the coronavirus. Reports about the new charger came first from Samsung Thailand and now the company has announced it globally. The pages of the product have been seen in Romanian, German, Singaporean and Hong Kong stores. The device has been priced at €58.38 which comes to around $65.

The launch of the new innovative product has come at the right time when people are worried about the sanity of themselves and the things that they carry. However, from the scientific perspective, such products cannot guarantee safety and cannot be called as a substitute to hand washing, wearing a mask or observing social distancing. The National Academies of Sciences and Engineering and Medicine has mentioned that UV light can kill the novel coronavirus but that is based on the fact that it can kill other coronaviruses.

It has been noted that there is lack of studies about the effect of the UV Light on a specific virus. Talking about the product, Samsung says that the UV Light takes about ten minutes to sterilize the items from top to bottom and the device then automatically switches off so the device is not damaged.

Photo Credits: The Verge