FDA warns about hand sanitizers recalled for toxic methanol

Hand sanitizers containing methanol have been recalled for potential health risks

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Hand sanitizers have become the need of time and also an opportunity for many people to make it a business. While some of them are responsible towards making a trustworthy product, but some of them have been found risky and defective. Two of the brands that make hand sanitizers have been recalled by the manufacturers due to methanol. The products have been recalled after the consumers were warned against some dozens of brands of hand sanitizers that had tested positive for having a toxic substance.

About 19,000 bottles of All Clean Hand Sanitizers are recalled by ITECH 361. The products that have been recalled also include Moisturizer and Disinfectant that have the UPC Code 628055370130 and are sold in one litre bottles due to a potential presence of methanol. The products were sold across the nation to wholesalers, distributors as well as retailers. The warnings from the regulators had some at a time when the demand for hand sanitizers was high due to the coronavirus pandemic.

The public health officials had constantly warned and urged individuals to wash hands with soap or use a hand sanitizer if they have no access to water and soap. The U.S. Centres for Disease Control and Prevention has recommended that the sanitizers should contain at least 60 percent of ethanol alcohol. On the other hand Methanol also known as wood alcohol can become toxic if it is absorbed by the skin or is ingested.

FDA added that it is aware of incidences where adults and children have ingested sanitizers made of methanol which can lead to hospitalization, blindness or even death. However, ITECH 361 has said that it has so far not received any reports of such adverse incidences related to the recalled hand sanitizers. It has also been warned that the consumers who are exposed to hand sanitizer that contains methanol and are experiencing symptoms should seek immediate treatment from a medical practitioner.

Photo Credits: Pixabay