Benefits of wearing socks while sleeping

Not many are aware of the health benefits of wearing socks while sleeping


Socks are a garment that is used to cover the feet. In the modern world, the garment is used to keep your feet warm and also helps to protect the feel while wearing shoes. Not many are aware of some other benefits of socks that have the ability to make the health better and also aids in mental health. There are people who talk about the benefits of sleeping with the socks on your feet. It lowers the body temperature and keeps the blood circulation in check. Here are a few reasons why sleeping with your socks on can be beneficial for the health.

1. Promotes sleep – wearing socks at night helps you to sleep faster as it actually warms your feet up. When the feet become warm, the brain receives a signal to the lower body to lower the body temperature. It then signals the body that it is time to sleep.

2. Good to prevent hot flashes – Hot flashes are caused due to hormonal imbalance. Wearing socks in the night prevents such hot flashes, which is a very common symptom of menopause. Due to improved blood circulation the temperature of the body comes down.

3. Prevents cracked heels – There are many people who suffer from cracked heels which can be very painful and sometimes they can also bleed due to excessive dryness. This is usually seen in people who spent most of the time inside a room that has an air-conditioner. Wearing socks during the night will help lock the moisture inside and thus preventing cracked heels.

4. Prevents Raynaud’s disease – This is a condition when the blood is not able to circulate properly. Such a condition can lead to numbness, cramps, sudden pain and similar problems. Wearing socks helps the body to have a proper blood circulation. It also helps the body to maintain a proper body temperature.

Photo Credits: Pixabay