5 Ways to provide ample protein for elderly people

Elderly people need more strength through protein or they might become vulnerable to even the slightest jerks


Senior citizens or elder people need to take extra care of themselves as this is the age when they tend to lose muscles and become vulnerable to weakness and health problems. It is important for them to maintain proper strength and preserve bone health. A slightest jerk or shock to the body can lead to permanent damages to the body. In order to avoid such situations, it is better to take early precautions and include protein in their diet. Here are a few simple ways to include more proteins for the elderly.

1. Salads – Salads need not be boring all the time and could include foods like sprouts, brussels sprouts, green peas, artichokes, mushrooms, seeds, nuts and sweet corn which are all protein rich. You can also include olive oil and cottage cheese to make it more interesting and appetizing.

2. Eggs – Eggs are one of the easiest, versatile and convenient foods that are rich in protein. They can be had in any form from hard boiled, scrambled, omelet or poached. Have it anyway you like. It can be best taken during breakfast as they are heavy and best digested during the day time. Apart from protein, they are also rich in vitamins like B12, B2, D and Zinc.

3. Have a habit of snacking instead of large meals – Snaking is a great idea and also a great way to absorb proteins throughout the day. While snacking, you can have smoked salmon, nuts and seeds which are all rich in protein, which can also help to improve you overall strength.

4. Pureed food or soups – For those who have a tough time eating solid food, they can also have foods in soup form. The soup can include beans and meat which can be it more nutritious.

5. Plant based meal – Plant based meals can include some of the rich foods like tofu, chickpea falafel, beans, lentils, oats and vegetables that are protein-rich.

Photo Credits: Pixabay