9 Amazing health benefits of litchi

Litchi has a number of health benefits and is also good for the hair and skin


Litchi is a nutritious fruit that is has a bright red color on the outside and white translucent body on the inside. It is a seasonal fruit and provides a number of benefits if consumed regularly. Litchi is flavourful and is available only for a short time. It is not just great for the skin but is also good for the hair health. Here are some of the health benefits of litchi.

1. Rich source of vitamin C – Litchi fruit is rich in vitamin C and also has ascorbic acid that helps to boost immunity. Consumption of vitamin C helps to produce white blood cells that helps the body to fight pathogens.

2. High water content – The fruit has high water content and is also rich in fibre. This helps to keep the body hydrated and the fibre helps people who are trying to lose weight.

3. Rich in antioxidants – The fruit has plenty of anti-oxidants that prevents the growth of abnormal growth of cells. It is also helpful to prevent cataract.

4. Antiviral properties – Litchi has anti-viral properties and helps to fight regular infections and influenza.

5. Helps in formation of red blood cells – The fruit is rich in iron and copper that helps in the formation of red blood cells and also helps to improve blood circulation.

6. Regulates blood pressure – The fruit contains sodium and potassium that helps to regulate the blood pressure levels and reduces a person’s chances to develop cardiovascular diseases.

7. Prevents skin damage – As litchis are rich in anti-oxidants, it prevents the free radicals from damaging the skin also slows down the process of ageing.

8. Helps to get rid of blemishes – The fruit helps to get rid of blemishes on the skin along with redness and blisters.

9. Great source of copper – copper helps to stimulate the hair follicles and promotes hair growth. Plus vitamin C helps the hair to have a healthy shine.

Photo Credits: Pixabay