Prince Charles reveals he is yet to regain his sense of smell and taste

Prince Charles during his recent engagement revealed that he is yet to regain his sense of taste and smell post recovering from coronavirus

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Duke of Cornwall, Prince Charles, recently successfully recovered from the coronavirus infection despite his age and shared that it was his regular exercise routine and a healthy lifestyle that helped him to recover fast. Charles and his wife Camilla recently gave a surprise visit to the Gloucestershire Royal Hospital where they had a talk with the frontline workers. The royals observed strict social distancing measures and during the visit, Charles spoke about his personal experience of going through the infection.

The Duke of Cornwall revealed that he has not yet fully regained his sense of taste and smell despite recovering from Covid-19. The 71 year old also revealed that he had lost the sense of smell and taste when he had tested positive for the virus. Jeff Mils, a healthcare assistant at the hospital revealed that he had spoken about his personal experience and added that he still feels a few symptoms.

Reports say that Charles and Camilla were in isolation at Birkhall, Aberdeenshire and this was their first face to face engagement since the lockdown was imposed in the United Kingdom. The Duke also shared that he spent time baking during the lockdown. It was on March 25, 2020 when the Clarence House had announced that the Prince was diagnosed with Covid-19. The official statement added that Prince Charles is having only mild symptoms and is recovering well.

After he was diagnosed, he practiced self-isolation while the Duchess too self-isolated herself as a measure to keep others away from contamination. Camilla had tested negative for the virus. Prince Charles during his isolation had interacted virtually with his sons Prince Williams and Prince Harry. He had also shared about his fitness routine that helped him to keep up his immunity and also helped him to recover fast. The Prince also shared that he also likes to have walk-sessions after his lunch and in between his meetings.

Photo Credits: Clarence House/PA