5 Effective ways to get rid of nail biting habit

Nail biting habit can be annoying and could be very unhygienic

nail biting

There are many children and teenagers who have an annoying habit of biting nails. Many people say that people indulge in this as a means t relieve their stress levels. But biting nails could be unhygienic and can lead to a number of other problems. It is a habit that is very tough to get rid of and sometimes there can also be times when they might need medical help to get rid of the habit. But if you think that a few simple measures can help then here are a few simple ways you can help your child to get rid of nail biting.

1. Cut nails – The first measure is to cut the nails as the person will not feel satisfied to bite short nails.

2. Apply a special nail formula – Not many are aware but the market has special nail polishes that have a very bitter taste. This has to be applied as a regular nail enamel and when ever they try to bite their nails, the bitter taste will discourage them to bite them further and they will ultimately stop doing it completely.

3. Get a manicure done – A manicure is a procedure where the nails and fingers and pampered at the spa and it can be really expensive. When you get this done, the person with the habit will not feel like biting their nails after spending so much of money.

4. Wear gloves – Now many people might think that it is a very silly idea to wear gloves as they can be removed any time, but surprisingly the method is effective as it does not allow the person to bite their nails.

5. Keep yourself busy – Another good way is to distract yourself from biting your nails. You can do this by chewing gum, or writing something that you like, it can also be a poetry. Play with a stress ball and your nails will come in less contact with your mouth.

One things has to be kept in mind that nothing happens overnight as the above measures are not a medicine but a habit has to be developed and this can take some time and will vary from person to person.

Photo Credits: Pexels