6 Ways to make your mother feel special on Mother’s day during lockdown

Mothers are special for everyone but due to the lockdown situation many people might be away from their mothers on mother's day

Mother’s day

Mother’s day is a special day for all the mothers out there but the lockdown situation might have spoiled the mood of many as they might not have been able to interact with their loved ones. Since it is a lockdown in many nations, people are bound to stay at home as a measure to contain the spread of coronavirus. But there are still a few ways you can make your mother feel very special and loved.

1. Organize a virtual party – The lockdown situation has made many platforms like the Google Meet, Duo and the Houseparty popular. Such platforms help a number of people come together and spend some quality time even if they are far away from each other. Set a time and organize a virtual party for your mom and make her feel loved.

2. Send flowers or cakes – If your region allows the home delivery service amidst the lockdown, then you can go ahead and send across some flowers and cakes to make her feel special on the special day.

3. Write a poem – If you have poetry skills, this is the best time to give a test. Write a heartfelt poetry for your mom and if you cannot, ask a friend who has such creative skills. Send it across and see your mother smile through a video call. You can also recite it through a video call.

4. Gift an e-book – If your region does not allow any home deliveries then you can gift her an e-book that she can read during her spare time during the lockdown.

5. Recreate an old memory – You can recreate an old memory from some of your old pictures and send it across to watch your mom smile and get back to the old times.

6. Gift her an online course – the lockdown has surely forced many inside their homes and many might be bored. There are a number of online courses that your mom might be interested in. Go ahead and gift her an online course of a short span.

Photo Credits: Pixabay