5 Tips to reschedule your wedding which has been halted due to coronavirus pandemic

Your wedding day can be rescheduled, but that also needs some planning and some smartwork to avoid any financial loses


The lockdown period is on in many countries as the coronavirus pandemic continues its journey. Many governments have imposed strict prohibition to public gatherings. There are many couples who might have planned their weddings during this time but are now confused as to what to do and how to reschedule things in near future. While the regular lifestyle is not expected to be the same in near future, a wedding which otherwise brings together many family members, might become a doubtful event as a whole. But there are a few steps that you can follow and would help to reschedule your wedding.

1. Opt for a postponement instead of cancellation– A wedding means that you book the catering, venue and other small vendors well in advance and cancellation might incur in losses for both the parties. A cancellation would also mean that you will have to begin this from scratch which might be financially not wise. So opt for a postponement.

2. Inform your guests – This has to be done well in advance. The guests who were invited for the wedding well in advance as it will be convenient for those who stay outstations and would be able to cancel or rebook their tickets. You can inform telephonically or could also do it through online messaging platforms.

3. Keep a check on your wedding outfits – Since it is a lockdown time , you don’t want to put on weight as you might not fit in your wedding outfit. Keep trying it every ten days and workout regularly to maintain your weight.

4. Inform your vendors – Reach out to the man vendors and inform them about the new date so that there is no confusion.

5. Plan distancing measures – Even after the lockdown opens, it will be essential to take social distancing measures at weddings, even if it is amidst the immediate family members. Make arrangements for hand sanitizers, hand gloves, hand washing stations, face coverings and maintain cleanliness among the caterers who are serving food.

Photo Credits: Pixabay