5 Showering mistakes that everyone make

There are a few things that needed to be taken care of while showering


This could sound a little weird as showering could not be termed as rocket science and it could hardly be possible that people might be doing it the wrong way or might be following the wrong steps. But there are a few things that go wrong when your shower and that might not be good for your skin and hair. Here are a few things that you might be doing wrong while showering.

1. Not scrubbing your back – A very few people indulge in this and there are all the possibilities that this might end up in back acne. This mostly happens when people apply hair conditioner and the residue remains on the back if it is not scrubbed properly. The pores on your back get blocked and this might result in back acne.

2. Using hot water for shower – No matter how cold the weather might be, it is wise to use luke-warm water instead of hot water. Hot water takes away a lot of moisture from the skin and makes it dry and flaky. This also makes you prone to wrinkles on the skin, especially the hands and legs. During summer it is best to have shower in cold water or luke-warm water could be used during winter season.

3. Too much of scrubbing – Scrubbing can be done twice a week as too much of scrubbing can lead to micro-tears on the skin which damages it over a period of time.

4. Not moisturizing immediately after shower – Many people moisturize the sin only during winters but this has to be done round the year and should be done immediately after taking shower while the skin is still damp. This helps the skin the absorb the lotion deeper in to the skin.

5. Not closing pores – When you take a warm water bath, it opens the pores. You just need to rinse your body with a run of cold water at the end which closes the pores and also avoids drying up of natural oils.

Photo Credits: Pixabay