Amazon begins using thermal cameras for temperature checks to check coronavirus

Amazon is now using thermal cameras for checking temperature of its workers at its facilities


A number of workers working at Amazon facilities had complained about the working conditions amidst the coronavirus pandemic. There were complaints regarding not enough equipments for the workers safety as they are working. The e-commerce giant has addressed the complaints and has introduced thermal cameras at its operations facilities that will screen the workers for fever which is a common symptom of coronavirus.

The move was also taken as there were a number of positive cases reported at the facilities in some of the states like New York, California and Washington. The poor working conditions had also resulted in a walk out of some of the workers over the safety issues. Amazon issues an official statement which assured that it has installed thermal cameras at its operations locations. The benefit of thermal cameras is that it requires very less contact and is faster than the regular forehead cameras that the e-commerce giant was using. The new devices will also be installed at the entrances of Whole Foods locations.

Kristen Kish in a statement said that the workers are being checked for temperatures on a daily basis which is an additional measure that is taken for the health and safety of their employees, who are continuing to provide critical services in the communities. Kish added that they are implementing the usage of thermal cameras that checks the temperature. Amazon has also said that it has implemented more than 150 changes and that includes improved sanitization techniques, deploying face masks for the workers across the European networks and Whole Foods Market stores.

On the other hand, Jay Carney an Amazon SVP while talking to a leading daily said that it is currently in a very early stage of developing a test for COVID-19. Amazon has already added a workforce of more than 2,00,000 workers to meet the overwhelming demand amidst the coronavirus pandemic.

Photo Credits: Pixabay