US grocery store disposes food items worth $34000 due to fear of coronavirus

A woman had purposely coughed on the food items in the store, which had to then dispose off food worth 26 lakhs due to fear of coronavirus


The United States is one of the hard hit countries with the coronavirus pandemic. A recent news report revealed that an unidentified woman walked in to a store and purposely coughed on the food items like meat and bakery items. As a result, the store owner had to dispose off food items worth $34,000. The acts of the woman led to instant fear that she could have infested all the food items could have been infested with coronavirus.

The incident happened at the Garrity’s Supermarket and the woman will now be facing criminal charges . The owner of the store Joe Fasula revealed that they immediately got rid of the woman and contacted the Hanover Township Police. Just a few hours later, the police managed to track that woman in question and was taken in to custody. The actions by the woman had led to losses of about $34,000 to the store owner.

The woman will be facing criminal charged after she undergoes and completes her mental health treatment. Fasula expressed that he felt really hurt when he had t dispose off the food produce at a crucial time when everyone else is battling with COVID-19. The owner of the store has also got in touch with the local health department who will he helping to identify the places in the store that might be affected of coronavirus.

Officials have also informed that the woman will be tested for the virus so as to make sure that the incident does not go out of control. The entire world is currently dealing with coronavirus which started off in China from the Wuhan province. The country in the past few months reported a number of deaths which slowly started to spread in other countries as well. Italy is one of the worst hit countries which is reporting overwhelming number of deaths and infections everyday.

Photo Credits: Pixabay