Coronavirus: 6 Foods that can weaken your body immunity

Amidst the current coronavirus pandemic, it is essential to avoid foods which can weaken your body immunity


Coronavirus is spreading like wild fire and attacks the one who has a poor immunity. This means that the best way to remain safe from the virus is to keep your body immunity strong. While there are many foods that help to keep your body immunity intact, there are also foods that might work the other way. A weak immunity is surely a playground for any virus. People across the globe have contracted the virus and have got well just because of their strong body immunity. Here are a few foods that you should avoid as they can weaken your body immunity.

1. Alcohol – There are rumours that consuming alcohol improves your body immunity, which is not true. Alcohol tends to interfere with your natural body functions and improved the immunity. Though a little alcohol can be good but it is important to let it be in limits.

2. Sugary foods – Sugary foods not just have artificial sweeteners but also contain processed flour which can be bad for the digestion system. It can have a lasting effect on your metabolism and weaken your immunity and make you prone to coronavirus.

3. Tea and coffee – Tea and coffee are good when taken in limits as they contain anti-oxidants. But too much consumption of caffeine can mess with your hormone levels and also weakens the body immunity.

4. Fast Food – Since you are at home, you might even crave for fast food like hamburgers fries which are processed. Consuming them on a regular basis can weaken your immunity levels and make you prone to any virus.

5. Sugary drinks – Sugary drinks are high on sugar levels and have zero nutrition levels and can interfere with your glycemic index.

6. Processed food – Processed food is often made with artificial compounds and preservatives. These preservatives are safe to consume but if they are consumed on a regular basis then they can weaken your immunity levels.

Photo Credits: Pixabay