Coronavirus: 6 Productive things to do when you are self-quarantined

Coronavirus has forced many people to self-quarantine but there are a few productive things that they can do when at home


The coronavirus pandemic has forced many people to stay at home and self-quarantine themselves to avoid the spread of the virus. Schools, colleges and other academic institutes have been shut down and the offices have instructed their employees to work from home. Being at home can be a little boring but there are also ways you can be productive. When you are done with the day’s work here are a few ways you can be productive while at home during self-quarantine.

1. Clean your wardrobe – many of us have a messed up wardrobe and there might be days when you would not be able to find the shirt that you wanted to wear. Now that you have ample time, take time to clean up your wardrobe and make it organized. Dispose the clothes you are not wearing and rearrange everything.

2. Workout at home – lock-down in the cities has also forced the public places like swimming pools and gyms to be closed. But that should not be the excuse and take out time to workout at home. You can workout well even without the need of any equipments.

3. Eat healthy – Since you are at home and have ample time. Make sure you eat healthy. Take time to make something healthy for you and your family. This will also help you to maintain your body immunity amidst the coronavirus outbreak.

4. Clean the house – If you still find time then you can clean up your house and concentrate on the corners which are usually ignored.

5. Pick up a hobby –This is the best time to pick up a hobby that you like. It can be dancing, cooking, singing or playing your favorite instrument.

6. Write something – If you are stressed, pick up a diary and write down about things that you feel and some of your goals. Make sure you write down some realistic goals which are short term as well as long term. It helps you to achieve them quickly.

Photo Credits: Pixabay