Coronavirus: 7 Essentials to stock up while being self-quarantined

Many cities have been locked down due to coronavirus and people are forced to be self-quarantined


Coronavirus outbreak has forced many people to self-quarantine themselves. Looking at the situation, it is the safest measure to stay indoors as getting in contact with people outside can put you at risk. While you have self quarantines yourself, you do not need to stock up with hand-sanitizers and toilet paper that most of the people are doing. Here are a few things that you need to stock up as you have self-quarantined yourself.

1. Dry snacks – You can stock up on some of the dry snacks like nuts, dry fruits, lentils, cereal or Maggie. This will ensure that you have something to eat which is also nutritious and healthy. Make sure you buy enough so it can last for a month during the coronavirus outbreak.

2. Fruits and vegetables – Stock up on vegetables and fruits which are a little raw so they can be stored in the refrigerator for a longer time while you are home quarantined. There are many ways to store fruits and vegetables for a longer time which can be handy under the current situation.

3. Water and juices – Make sure that you have ample water for drinking and also stock up on juices that can last for at least a month. Instead of milk, you can also stock up on milk powder for coffee and tea.

4. Kitchen essentials – Stock up on other kitchen essentials like oil, spices, salt and other essential food items for about a month so you don’t have to walk out of the house.

5. First aid kit – In case of any minor injuries, you can stock up on some of the basic medications for a first aid kit and should include medicines for cough and cold, fever and other OTC (over the counter) medicines.

6. Home cleaning liquids – Stock up on cleaning agents so you can maintain a proper hygiene at home and avoid any visitors.

7. Hygiene products – Stock up on all the hygiene related products like soaps, shampoo, dish wash liquid, feminine hygiene products which will be enough for a month.

Photo Credits: Pixabay