Ways to prevent spread of coronavirus on your wedding day

Wedding during the coronavirus outbreak can be tricky but a few tricks can make things easy


While you might have already planned your wedding amidst the coronavirus outbreak, it is a crucial time you need to take a few essential steps to avoid the spread of the virus. A wedding surely means a gathering of families which can go up to a 100 guests. But one need not worry and panic as there are ways the spread of the infection can be prevented even at weddings. Calling off a wedding might be an expensive affair but a few innovative ideas can make things work. Here are a few ideas you can implement on your big day and still remain safe.

1. Have an intimate wedding – First of all minimize your guests list and invite only your immediate family and friends so less people can turn up. Having an intimate wedding can make things happening and also safe.

2. Share information about safety in invitations – On the invitations, share some information like wash hands frequently, carry a hand sanitizer and more so that people can be aware and careful as well. This will also be a way to communicate that you are keeping the safety of the guests first.

3. Distribute hand sanitizers among guests – Ask your wedding planner to arrange for hand sanitizers for the guests in case they have forgot to bring their pack. You can ask the management to circulate among the guests.

4. Avoid handshakes and hugs – As far as possible, try to avoid a handshake or a hug with any of your family members so you can be safe and avoid the spread of any virus.

5. Usage of gloves – People who are responsible for catering at the wedding can wear gloves to ensure hygiene.

6. Keep cleaning tech devices – tech devices like mobile phones, computers and even car keys can be exposed to bacteria. Keep sterilium handy and keep cleaning the devices to avoid spread of infection.

Photo Credits: Pixabay