5 Ways to keep children safe from coronavirus

Coronavirus is not sparing the children as well but there are ways to keep them safe from the ongoing pandemic


Some of the experts said that children will be less vulnerable to the novel coronavirus but the fact is that the virus is not sparing the children as well. This happens as there are many children who have a poor body immunity and become vulnerable to contract the virus. But parents need not to panic as there are still ways to take care of your child and take precautions to protect them during the pandemic. Here are a few tips to adopt when it comes to protect your child from the ongoing coronavirus outbreak.

1. Do not create a panicky environment at home – Children tend to get scared easily. Try to create a casual routine and don’t make them feel about the fear. Do not make any drastic changes as it can scare them. Do not bombard them with measures and complicated information but make them understand in a natural way. This can make them more vulnerable to get sick.

2. Create a fun environment at home – The pandemic has led to shut down of many schools and have forced the children and their parents home-quarantined. Come up with new and innovative ways of making indoors fun by planning many activities. Since the school is shut down you can also dedicate some time in studies at home as well.

3. Educate kids about good hygiene – Teaching about good hygiene is always on the list. Parents need to make their children understand such habits a little faster due to the ongoing coronavirus scare. Teach them about proper usage of hand-washes, hand-sanitizers and also teach them not to touch face.

4. Help to improve their immune system – Encourage your children to consume healthy food than junk food that they otherwise love. Make them understand about the importance of including greens in everyday diet.

5. Keep your home clean – Make sure you keep your home clean especially newspapers, door knobs, office laptops, mobile phones and other stuff that are prone to be infected. If you have domestic helps at home make sure that they too maintain good hygiene levels.

Photo Credits: Pixabay