5 Meaningful gift ideas for a newly-wedded couple

It can be tricky to think about a wedding gift for a newly-wedded couple but a few ideas can really work


You might have often got confused when it came to buy a gift for a newly-wed couple. All of us think that a meaningful gift would make the couple happy. It is usually observed that the guests at the wedding get some gifts which do not make any sense like a bunch if flowers or a wall painting which might be very useful for the couple who have just got married. Here are a few ideas of a wedding gift which the newly-weds can cherish forever.

1. A weekend holiday – You can buy an all-paid package for a weekend getaway for the couple at a popular luxury resort which can work as a honeymoon for them. Just make sure that they have not made any of their own plans and you can also discuss with them or can also give a gift card that they can redeem anytime.

2. A new name plate –A newly-wedded couple most of the time move in to a new abode and a new and attractive name plate can be something that they might cherish forever and can also remember the person who has gifted them. The name plate can have both the names and can make a very thoughtful gift.

3. A course – You can also gift them a course for pottery, baking or chocolate making that the two can enjoy going together. This can give them some extra time to spend with each other. You can also find out about the interests of the couple and then select the nature of the course you wish to gift. It can also be a gym membership if they enjoy working out together.

4. Spa vouchers – wedding functions can be tiring and stressful. A luxury spa for the couple can be the best gift that they might need, after all the ceremonies conclude.

5. Skin care kit – A skin care kit or a kit that has plenty of cosmetics is something that can be enjoyed and cherished by a newly-wedded couple.

Photo Credits: Pixabay