4 Ways to deal with a commitment phobic partner

A partner who is commitment phobic can be a tough nut to crack but there are ways to deal with it

commitment phobic

A relationship is something that many people value while some people fear for being at a vulnerable situation or do not wish to commit themselves. Under such circumstances, there are possibilities that things might turn ugly or there are high chances of causing differences. Your partner might love you from the heart but when it comes to be in a relationship or giving it a name, they might take a step back. Dating someone like that can be a challenge and can also be painful. But there are ways to deal with such partners. Here are a few tips to deal with a partner who is commitment phobic.

1. Spend some time to understand your partner – People who are commitment phobic, often do not share the actual reason behind their behavior. You can start spending more time together and get to the bottom of the reason behind their fear. There are be things that you might come to know and then you might be able to solve the issue together.

2. Do not give deadlines – Such people need more love and security from their partners. Do not vent out your frustration by giving them deadlines or ultimatums. There are people who might need some more time and being patient can work wonders. Allow them to bloom in their own space.

3. Take it easy and slowly – You can take one step at a time and begin by planning a weekend together or just meeting each other’s friends circle to get to know them together. Make sure that you don’t rush in to things.

4. Make them realise that their freedom will be intact – Commitment phobic people often have an impression that they will no longer be able to have their freedom. Assure them that you are not the person to keep them in a bonding and that they can do things together and they can still have their time with their set of friends.

This might be a challenge for you, but you don’t have to spend your entire life behind a person who is commitment phobic. Do not have too much expectations from them and do not depend on them for your happiness.

Photo Credits: Pixabay