5 Health benefits of consuming saffron

Saffron is a spice that is commonly used in deserts in Asian cusines


Saffron is a spice that comes from the flower of Crocus sativus, also known as Saffron crocus. It is commonly used in the Asian countries in various cuisines but is best used in deserts due to its color and mild flavor. The purest form of the spice happens to be expensive and has a number of health benefits. Since the processing of the spice involves lot of labor, the product becomes expensive when it is retailed. Before you invest in the spice, here are a few health benefits of it that you should look in to.

1. Helps to bring a balance in hormones – Women who suffer from premenstrual syndrome can include saffron strands in their diet. It not just reduces the pain and discomfort but also improves the menstrual cycle. Even girls who are struggling with a delayed puberty can add is spice to their diet to improve their health.

2. Improves mood – There can be many times when you might not be feeling good about something. Mild depressions or mood swings can be treated by Saffron. However, this might not be very helpful for a person undergoing a full-fledged depression.

3. Makes you feel fuller – Consumption of Saffron makes you feel fuller for a longer time which can be helpful to those who have snacking habits and cravings. People who are trying to lose weight can consume saffron on a daily basis and increase your chances of losing weight.

4. High on anti-oxidants – Anti-oxidants are known for nourishing the body and also lowers the cholesterol level. It also brings down the chances of getting the blood vessels clogged which can lead to some serious heart conditions.

5. Improves immunity –People who are prone to get cough and cold can add a pinch of saffron to turmeric milk that helps to recover fast and also treats problems like insomnia. Turmeric helps to fight the infections.

Photo Credits: Pixabay