3 Myths related to water birth procedure

Water birth has become popular but a few myths related to it scares away many expecting mothers

water birth

Water birth is something that many celebrities are opting for water birthing option to bring their babies in to the world. The procedure has become very popular and many people (mostly celebrities) are opting for this. There are now also hospitals that provide such a facility for expecting mothers, who wish to opt for a water birth and are well equipped with proper facilities and staff. For those who do not know what water birth is, it is a procedure where the pregnant woman is submerged in a water tub and she can then have an option to deliver in the tub or go through labor and deliver out of the water tub. Such an option is less traumatic for the woman giving birth and also for the baby. Here are a few myths that come along with the water birth procedure.

1. Babies will not be able to breathe underwater – In the mother’s womb, the baby is already in the amniotic fluid and their lungs are still filled with fluid. Their oxygen source comes from the umbilical cord. It takes a few moments for the baby to clear its lungs when it comes out and this is the reason why the first cry of the baby is important.

2. The pregnant woman will not be able to labor in tub after their waters have broke –The Water bag tends to break easily in labor and another myth says that the water flows upwards through the vaginal canal. But experts say that the water does not travel up and there is no reason, a pregnant woman cannot labor after her water breaks.

3. It is not possible to listen to heartbeat of the baby when the mother is submerged in water – During the water birth procedure, there are waterproof dopplers that are used while listening to the heartbeat of the baby also known as the fetal heartbeat.

Photo Credits: Pixabay