Essentials to be packed in your bridal emergency kit

A bridal emergency kit is a must have by a bride to be well equipped for the big day


Being a bride comes with plenty of stress. You pick up the best bridal outfit for your big day and make sure that you are well prepared for everything to make the day a memorable one. However, there are possibilities that certain things might go wrong like your outfit might malfunction or you’re your footwear might suddenly rip off. Before you go ahead with your big day, here are a few things that you can add to your bridal emergency kit.

1. Fashion equipment – Your outfit is going to be the star so make sure that nothing goes wrong with your outfit and keep things like extra safety pins, glue, sewing kit, stain removal wipes, extra bras, fashion tape, another pair of footwear (one pair heels and one pair flats). Also carry a few extra pins for your studs and earrings.

2. Personal hygiene products – it is essential that you carry a few hygiene products like a hand sanitizer, perfume, dry tissues, wet tissues and sanitary pads. Apart from that you also need to carry some band-aids, chewing gum and some antiseptic medicine. It is better to be prepared for any kind of situation.

3. Beauty products – There is no doubt that your beautician is going to take care of your make-up for the day, but since you don’t know for how long you might be engaged, it is better to keep a few beauty products handy including, bobby pins, lipstick, hair ties, lotion, hair spray, face mist, baby powder and a pocket mirror.

4. Water and snacks – It is going to be a hectic day for the bride and the groom, so there are high chances that you might be dehydrated. Keep a bottle of water by your side and a few snacks like dry fruits or chewing gum and chocolates. Munch on them whenever you get an opportunity.

Photo Credits: Pixabay