3 Ways how sugar can damage the skin

Sugar intake should be in moderate levels as it can lead to skin issues as well


This might be a little surprising for a few people but people who love to have sweets on a regular basis need to wake up and have a reality check. Took much of sugar intake has the ability to damage the skin and can ultimately lead to many skin problems. It is a fact that sugar is essential for the body, but it has to be in limits. Sugar intake can lead to weight gain, but it can also lead to some skin problems. Here are a few ways too much of sugar intake can affect the skin.

1. Skin inflammation – High sugar intake can lead to high insulin levels which can lead to redness and skin inflammation and can also become prone to breakouts. Consuming too much sugar also weakens the white blood cells which can make the skin prone to pimples and acne.

2. Insulin production increases – Insulin production is essential for the body but it has to be under control. Excessive sugar intake can lead to a rise in the body insulin levels. Such a condition can lead to skin issues and some of the underlying skin problems might begin to erupt.

3. Affects the collagen protein production – Excessive sugar intake can affect the collagen levels and can also weaken the skin by reducing its elasticity. This also makes the skin more vulnerable to wrinkles and makes you look old.

It can be claimed that having one desert in a day does not do much of a harm but anything that is beyond that can take a toll on the skin and can also lead to other health issues. Skin is the largest organ of the body and should be maintained and taken care of as it is visible. Proper maintenance of skin can make you look younger no matter what age you are. Sugary food intake should always be in moderate levels and adequate exercise also helps to maintain healthy insulin levels.

Photo Credits: Pixabay