JetBlue waives cancellation or change fees for all of its flights over coronavirus fears

JetBlue has become the first airline to waive cancellation fees due to the ongoing coronavirus fear


Companies and governments across the globe are taking intense measures to deal with the ongoing epidemic of coronavirus. American low-cost airline JetBlue has made an announcement that will be suspending the cancellation and suspend charges for all the new flight bookings. The new move has been taken as a measure to prevent coronavirus. The new waiver can be applied to the flights that have been booked between February 27 and March 11, 2020.

The airline has hopes that the new move will encourage the customers to continue to book flights in the upcoming weeks despite the fear of the deadly virus. JetBlue has become the first airline to give up on the cancellation and change fee for all of its flights to all destinations within the allocated time period. There are chances that the other carriers might also take a similar move. Europe and Asia are the worst affected due to the virus and thankfully, the airline does not operate in these continents.

The Americans have been warned about a possible outbreak of coronavirus in the country. The outbreaks in the countries like Iran and South Korea have increased concerns of global travel demand. On the other hand, the United States based carrier Delta is also considering to rescheduling its flights to Italy after the anxiety among its travelers is increasing. From March 2, 2020 Delta is allowing passengers to re-book flights to Bolonga, Milan and Venice.

While some airlines are keeping a brave front by rescheduling flights, the United Airlines Holdings and American Airline has said that it is continuing to observe the situation in the European countries. Delta has reduced flights to South Korea as the virus is now slowly spreading beyond China, where Wuhan province is the epicenter of the virus. Popular hotel chain Hyatt Hotels has also announced that it will allow its guests to cancel or make changes in its bookings for free for the travelers from South Korea, Japan and Italy.

Photo Credits: Pixabay