6 Gardening mistakes that should be avoided

Gardening can be a great hobby, but a few mistakes can make it a failure


There are many people who love to have a garden of their own and also indulge in gardening on an everyday basis. But not many are aware of the right time to water the plants and the importance of removal of slug that helps to maintain good health of the plants. If you have a garden of your own, here might be a few mistakes that you might be committing and can be avoided.

1. Water plants in the wrong time of the day – It is important to know the appropriate time of watering the plants. It is wise to water plants early in the morning as watering in bright sunlight might take away the moisture of the soil.

2. Planting a big tree – Always avoid planting a big tree in the front portion of your garden. Oak tree, mango tree, conifers, Norway Maples and other such big trees can block the sunlight from entering the house. For gardening purpose, it is better to plant small plants. The best plants for gardening include Kilmarnock Willow, Japanese Maples and Pencil Cherries.

3. Killing house plants – If you keep your house plants for a longer time in water, then they cannot survive for a longer time. After the water is soaked up, you can transfer it to the soil.

4. Digging the wet soil – This might seem strange, but digging wet soil damages the structure of the soil. It is better to wait till the water dries up and then mix the manure to it. You can also add sand to it to give it a better texture.

5. Too much watering – Allow the soil to dry up completely, before you pour water again. During the winter season, the soil often remains moist and it is not essential to water them again and again. Too much of watering can decay the plant and can fail your gardening attempts.

6. Not cleaning weeds – Apart from the plants that have been planted, there are also weeds that sprout up and take away the nutrition from the soil and the plant. It is important to clean the weeds regularly.

Photo Credits: Pixabay