Burger King introduces patty-less French fry sandwich

After Meatless Whopper Burger King has come up with patty-less French fry sandwich

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Fast food chains are quite aware of the competition in the market and are always on their toes to introduce a number of variants in their menu, to keep their customers entertained and satisfied. It was the meatless Whopper that had changed the taste buds of the foodies, who loved it and accepted it well. It became popular and continues to attract the customers. While the customers are still busy enjoying the meatless Whoppers, Burger King has now introduced a new sandwich that does not have the regular patty but has French fries, mayo and ketchup between two buns. The very thought of it can make you drool for it.

The new sandwich is known as the Chip Butty and Chip Butty with bacon. For now the new item on the menu is only available for the customers in New Zealand and has been priced at $2 or $1.27 USD. But for now it is not clear if Chip Butty will make it to the other markets as well. The new concept is surely new for Burger King but for the foodies the patty-less sandwich is not new. Chip Butty sandwich has been there around for many years and it is commonly found at the fish and chip shops in the United Kingdom and Ireland.

The ingredients on the sandwich are limited and include mayonnaise, ketchup, hot sauce, cheese and malt vinegar. Some of the ingredients can be added and removed according to the preferences of the customers. Soon after the news of the new Chip Butty came out, foodies flooded the social networking sites with their opinions and excitement.

Some of the foodies were excited while some of them did not like the idea itself. There were also feedback from some of the rivals of Burger King. However, the fast food giant has not yet responded to any of the comments and is waiting for the feedback from the customers.

Photo Credits: Pixabay