Having a heavy breakfast can burn double the calories

A study has found that having a heavy breakfast can help to burn double the calories

heavy breakfast

For many years, health experts ad dieticians have been talking about the importance of having a heavy breakfast and the lightest possible dinner. This applies for the reason that the digestion process works the best in the morning and becomes weaker in the evening. This also helps to improve the metabolism of the body. A new study that was carried out in Germany has now claimed that having a heavy breakfast can help to burn double the amount of calories than it does during dinner.

A report was published after the story was conducted on 16 men. In the first phase, the men involves in the study had first consumed high-calorie breakfast and a low-calorie dinner for three days. In the next phase, the same men in the study ate a light breakfast and heavy dinner for the next three days. A study had found that eating a heavy breakfast and a light dinner helped to burn twice the calories while eating a light breakfast and a heavy dinner did not help much. It was also found that eating a high-calorie breakfast had also help to improve the metabolism of the body.

After the study was conducted they could also say that the Dietary Induced Thermogenesis also known as DIT was found to be stronger in the morning. Dietary Induced Thermogenesis is a process where the body produces heat. Eating a high-calorie diet in the morning doubles the production of thermogenesis when compared to the dinner with the same amount of calories.

The researchers also said that it was conducted to encourage having a heavy breakfast among people who have a habit of having a light breakfast instead of a have one. A heavy breakfast is good for people who are healthy and also those who are obese. This is also beneficial for people who are trying to lose weight and is also good to deal with metabolic diseases.

Photo Credits: Pixabay