5 Things to keep in mind before donating used clothes

There are a few things that you need to keep in mind before you give away your used clothes

used clothes

It is good to be generous and donate the clothes that you do not wear any more. There are many people in the world who cannot afford to buy new clothes. Such people depend on people who donate and are generous. However, when you are donating clothes one has to keep in mind a few things while donating used clothes.

1. Make sure they are washed and wearable enough – There might be clothes that might be lying at the back of your wardrobe since many days and smell weird. Before you are donating them. Make sure that they are washed and cleaned properly before you give away. It is rude to give away things which are smelly and not wearable.

2. Classify the clothes in separate bags – Before you are donating your clothes, make sure that you classify them according to the material. For instance, pack the synthetic ones separately, pants and sustainable fabrics differently. This makes it easier for the people who are recycling it to make it wearable.

3. Repair any holes and tears – If there are any holes or tears in the fabric, make sure you get it repaired before you give it away. There can be people who might not be able to get them fixed or cannot even afford to get it fixed.

4. Do not donate any undergarments – All the used undergarments need to be discarded. It is considered as bad manners to donate undergarments. No one would wish to wear any used undergarments.

5. Remove stains – Before you donate, make sure there are no stains on it. If there are any, then give it in the laundry and get the stains removed.

While donating used clothes, also make sure that you are donating to the right person who actually needs them. There are also people who might take advantage and resell them to people after recycling it.

Photo Credits: Pixabay