6 Tips to plan the perfect proposal day

The proposal day is expected to be special which calls for special arrangements


Being in a relationship is very special and being at a phase when you are all set to take the plunge and are ready to pop the question is even more special. Asking your partner about the most important question can be tough and tricky as well. Since such moments do not come often in life, it is important to make the moment very special and memorable. Here are a few tips that can help you to create the perfect environment for the perfect proposal.

1. Pick the perfect location – It is going to be a very emotional moment. Pick up a location that is close to both your hearts and also plays a major role in helping you grow as a promising couple. For instance, it could be a place where you first met or it could be a place where you both love to send time.

2. Hire a professional photographer – An experienced photographer will help you to capture all the special moments. This is something that you will remember for the rest of your lives. Also make sure that you have ample light at the location to get the best quality pictures.

3. Give it a musical touch – Some music always help to make the moment more meaningful that can be felt from within. Select a song that you both love or select a track that gives meaning to your relationship.

4. Create the perfect ambience – After you have selected the location, enhance the atmosphere by adding some lights and candles (preferably scented). Some drapes and some wine or champagne can make the moment complete and celebratory.

5. Test your partner first – Before you plan a proposal, make sure to know if your partner would love it to be a public affair or a private one. You don’t want your partner to be embarrassed.

6. Don’t plan a speech – Do not memorize what to say, just let it go with the flow and follow what your heart says.

Photo Credits: Pixabay