5 Amazing benefits of applying primer before make-up

Not many apply primer before make-up but it has some amazing benefits


There are a number of people who prefer to avoid using a make-up primer. A make-up primer is like a foundation that is applied before the make-up products are applied. Many people have argued if it is really essential. But the fact is that it provides a smooth surface and also makes the make-up glide smoothly. Here are a few benefits of applying a primer before your make-up.

1. Makes the skin smooth – Before you begin, it is wise to apply a coat of moisturizer and apply primer before you apply the foundation. The product helps to make the skin surface smooth and also helps to get rid of uneven surface on the skin. A plain surface helps the make-up to glide smoothly.

2. Makes the skin look younger – Proper application of primer before make-up helps to make the skin look younger as it reduces the appearances of fine lines and winkles. Not many know that the primer also increases the production of collagen and makes the skin firm.

3. Closes pores – Many people face the issue of open pores and such a condition can make the make-up look patchy. A primer seals the pores no matter how small they are and makes it easy to apply the foundation. It also reduces the use of make-up products.

4. Suits every skin type – It does not matter if you have an oily skin or dry skin. Even if you have a sensitive skin, a make-up primer is completely harmless and actually protects the skin from outside factors. It is also color neutral which means that it suits every skin color as well.

5. Make-up lasts for a longer time – The product is light in weight and dries out immediately after it is applied. It ensures that the make-up lasts for a longer time as it helps to hold the foundation and cream together.

Photo Credits: Pixabay