4 Ways to deal with laziness and lethargy on a busy day

A few tricks and tips can help you to deal with laziness on a busy day filled with responsibilities


There can be times when you might feel lazy, lethargic and wish to do nothing but still you have the day’s work left. Such a condition can be tricky as your body refuses to work and your mind keeps pressurizing about the responsibility on your shoulders. Due to work pressure and responsibilities it is not always possible to remain lazy. Under such condition it is essential to boost your energy levels and avoid laziness. Here are a few tricks that you can apply on a lazy day when you need to get yourself up and fulfill your responsibilities.

1. Be surrounded with people who are active – Your mood depends on who you are surrounded with. If you are surrounded with people who are active and energetic, you will be automatically encouraged to be active and will feel instantly energized to work. This also rules out the possibility of feeling lazy.

2. Take a short stroll – Sitting at one place for long hours can make you feel bored and irritated. It is a good idea to get outside and get some fresh air which will help to increase the oxygen levels in the body. Take out ten minutes to take some fresh air and you will instantly feel relaxed and energized.

3. Divide your task in to bits – Big tasks in the day surely makes you feel less motivated. It also makes you feel like the goal is in the distant future. You can simplify the task in to small portions which will make it easy to accomplish your goals. You can also ask help of your colleagues to help you out.

4. Fix a time limit – Time limits gets your brain to work. This is one of the most effective ways to deal with laziness. You fix a time for the brain to finish the work in the particular time and it actually works and puts you to work instantly.

Photo Credits: Pixabay