4 Ageing skincare mistakes that you can make

Ageing skincare is something many of us commit and can make you look older soon


Skincare is something not many give importance too. Things should be taken seriously when the age factor drops in. Nobody wants to look old quickly, but this can only happen when you begin caring for your skin at an early age. A few mistakes with the skin or ignorance can make you look old even when you are not supposed to. Here are a few skincare mistakes that you might be making while talking care at an old age.

1. Begin to care only when it is visible – If you want to look timeless even when you are old, you need to begin early which is during your 20s. This might be surprising, but the actual process of skin ageing stars during this time. Begin using anti-ageing creams as soon as possible to prevent wrinkles and fine lines.

2. Skipping eye creams – Majority of us skip using eye creams as we tend to think it is not necessary. But the fact is the darkening of the eyelids, is one of the signs of skin ageing. Do get an eye cream and treat your eyes with some tenderness. Eye creams helps to keep the under eyes moisturized as they contain collagen and elastic. Such ingredients help to prevent ageing of skin.

3. Avoiding hand creams – Hands are the ones which face a lot of harshness as we often wash our hands. Frequent washing of hands can lead to dryness and appearance of wrinkles. Use a good hand cream to moisturize your hands after every hand wash. Prefer to buy one that has a good SPF.

4. Eating unhealthy foods – Your diet also reflects on your skin. If you have a habit of eating unhealthy on a regular basis, then be prepared that it will soon reflect on your skin. It is important to eat healthy apart from the skin care methods. Include a number of anti-oxidants in your diet.

Photo Credits: Pixabay