5 Signs that makes a bad partner in a relationship

A relationship is built on the basis of many factors including communication and compatibility


Compatibility is surely a factor that makes a relationship work. But how many of us have actually peeped in to ourselves on how much have you worked out or contributed to make your relationship strong and everlasting. Here are a few points which might help you to judge yourself if you are actually a good partner or not.

1. You do not communicate – When you are upset some of you might have a habit of shutting their partners off instead of sharing your emotions. This might be a way of handling a situation, but it can be hurtful towards your partner which can also lead to a communication gap. It is essential to have a communication.

2. You constantly point out on the mistake of your partner – No one is perfect and everyone tends to make mistakes. You cannot expect your partner to be a superman or a superwoman. It is not always essential to point out their mistakes as this might make them feel hurt and can also create a distance.

3. You are not always available for your partner – If not physically, one needs to be present for their partners emotionally. When your partner has a bad day, they feel like sharing it with you and this is when a partner comes to rescue. A partner works as a medicine to soothe the bad times that they went through.

4. You want to have the last word in an argument – Some have the habit of having the last word in the argument as winning becomes essential. One has to understand that winning an argument might not be healthy for the relationship.

5. You remain on phone while on a date – It is rude to be constantly on the phone when you are on a date with your partner. This is the time when you get time to bond with each other and it is wise to keep away the phone and be with your partner.

Photo Credits: Pixabay