American Airlines passenger sues airline over torture by employee

Passenger claimed an employee from American Airlines sent her about 100 creepy messages

american airlines

One of the passengers of American Airlines has sued the airline after an employee of the airline sent her about 100 text creepy text messages. Ashley Barno, the passenger, and the complainant claimed that the worker had got her name from her carry-on luggage tag and started texting her just before she was waiting to board a flight to Chicago.

Barno added that the worker had sent her adult messages and also included images, which left her scared for her life and emotionally disturbed. The incident happened in April, 2019 as she was waiting to board a flight to Chicago. The text message sender started off saying that she looks gorgeous with that gray top after which she started to look around in the boarding area to see if she knew anyone around.

Later the text sender identified himself as Ahmad and said that he works for the American Airlines. Things started to get serious when Barno boarded the flight and got another text stating that he has also boarded on the same plane. When Barno confronted and told him to leave her alone, he said that friendship with him would be beneficial for her. The harassment continued and told a flight attendant about the messages she was receiving from a man on the flight.

The plane then landed at the Chicago O’Hare International Airport and the security guards took away the man out of the flight. Reports stated that this was not the first time the employee had harassed a passenger. Barno then filed a suit against American Airlines for negligent hiring despite knowing that he had such tendencies. Moreover, American Airlines was not receptive to constant communication from the harassed passenger. On the other hand Joshua Feed, the spokesperson from American Airlines said that the texter was employed at the time of the incident but was not on duty during the incident. The spokesperson also assured that the man is no more employed by American Airlines.

Photo Credits: Pixabay