5 Skincare mistakes that can be done while travelling

Travelling is a time we tend to ignore skincare so it is essential to be careful and take minimum precautions


Travel is a time when we tend to be carefree and ignore our regular skincare regime. This is surely a time when you wish to be carefree and be yourself. If you are not following a proper skincare regime when you are travelling, you can at least avoid a few mistakes with your skincare. Here are a few skincare mistakes you can avoid when you are travelling.

1. Not researching on weather – It is important to research on the weather where you are going to spend time. Accordingly you need to pack skincare products. For instance, if the place has a beach, then it is important to carry sunscreen lotion with a good SPF. If the place is cold then you need to carry ample body moisturizer.

2. Not purchasing products that you have forgotten – Packing can tend to be tedious and many times, you can tend to forget a very important product that your skin cannot do without. If you forget then make sure that you purchase from a nearby store while you are on the way or from the place where you are spending time.

3. Not drinking enough water – Many people tend to avoid drinking water for the reason that they will have to use public toilets that might not be hygienic enough. It is better to drink ample water and use things like toilet seat sanitizer or disposable toilet seat covers.

4. Carrying big bottles of skin care products – Carrying the bog bottles can be inconvenient. Small travel sized bottles are easily available these days which can be used to carry skin care products while travelling.

5. Using other’s skin care products – It is always wise to carry our own skin care products instead of using what others use. It is not essential that the skin products used by them might suit your skin as well. Plan properly and make a checklist while packing.

Photo Credits: Pixabay