6 Foods to be avoided before workout

A few foods need to be avoided before you begin a workout session


Working out is an important task and before hitting the gym it is important to gather some energy. This can happen only when you eat right. It is good to have some healthy food items before you go for a workout session, but there are a few food items that should be avoided. Here are a few foods that should be avoided just before your gym session.

1. Dairy products – Dairy products tend to be heavy for digestion and might not be a good idea to have before the gym session. Such food items can tend to make you sluggish or even acidic as they can be heavy for the digestive system.

2. Food with high calorie content – Exercise is a time when you are trying to burn some calories. This means consuming foods which are high on calorie content can be a bad idea. If you do then that can lead to a loss of energy and also make you feel tired.

3. Drinks with high sugar content – Sugary drinks are often sugary and might also contain soda. Instead of such unhealthy drinks you can opt for smoothies made from fruits that can just provide temporary energy that eventually burnout during the exercise session.

4. Flax Seeds – This might be surprising as flax seeds can be a healthy option, but the fact is that they have a lot of fibre content. Foods with high fibre can result in bloating of the stomach and make it tough to workout and burn fat.

5. Fast Food – Fast food means food which is unhealthy and also full of calories which can make you feel full and fails to provide ample energy needed for a workout.

6. Spicy food – Spicy food can make you vulnerable to heartburn and can also lead to digestive issues. This can make the workout session unpleasant and keep you in pain for a longer time.

Photo Credits: Pixabay