4 Reasons why dieting can be bad for health

Dieting might be helpful for losing weight, but there are a few reasons why it can also be harmful


Going on a diet is what many people are indulging to get that desirable figure and to remain fit. Experts have warned that going on a diet not just affects you physically, but also affects you mentally. If you think it is healthy, think again as it does have all the abilities to be unhealthy as well. Here are a few reasons which are listed how and why dieting can be bad for your health and might do no good.

1. Dieting is bad for the metabolism – Any kind of diet restricts the calorie intake and also restricts intake of vitamins and minerals. Less intake of minerals and vitamins can lead to poor metabolism of the body which can make you prone to diseases and sickness. It also affects the energy levels as the body might not be getting the necessary calories that is needed for the day.

2. Not good for the gut – There can be instances, when you are working really hard only to find yourself putting on those extra kilos. The reason behind this is that, when you are trying to lose weight, there are changes seen in the microbiome which become slow. The weight gain bacteria continues to remain in the gut and leads to weight gain even when you are working out hard.

3. Develops the bad fat – There are two kinds of fat – subcutaneous fat and visceral fat. Out of this the Visceral fat is the one that is known as the deep belly fat that is found in people who gain extra weight. It does not matter if you lose weight or gain weight the visceral fat continues to go up.

4. Not good for mental health – Dieting is surely linked with depression. It leads to a decrease in the chemical production named Serotonin, which is a neurotransmitter that is responsible for the factors in the body like sleep, mood and also appetite. Depression causes a negative impact on the overall health of the person.

Photo Credits: Pixabay