5 Facts about Anxiety that you need to know

Anxiety needs to be properly addressed and that can happen when you actually recognize the condition


Some call anxiety as an emotion while some call it a condition. But the bitter fact is that no one actually knows the exact meaning of it. It is a state of mind that has the ability to keep you awake for a longer time and can also make you feel uncomfortable. The after effects of anxiety can be different and can take a toll on various aspects of your life. Experts have listed a few facts about anxiety which should be known to all.

1. Anxiety is a defense mechanism of the body – Anxiety is not abnormal and is a good emotion, and might even warn you of danger. You just need to learn about learning how to differentiate between a false alarm and a real alarm. There can be times when your body might respond in a way that your life is in danger but you are actually not in any real danger.

2. It drains you emotionally and physically – When you feel mentally disturbed, then a feeling of anxiety might lead you to sweating, feeling of dizziness or you might also start breathing faster. There are also chances that your heart rate and blood pressure might increase. This is the time when you should know how calm your mind and body, which makes it easier to face situations that provoke anxiety.

3. Change in environment can be effective – One of the easiest way to deal with the condition is to change the environment entirely. Bringing environmental changes can help to reduce stress levels. It can also help to improve your life overall.

4. Anxiety has to be accepted – The emotion makes you feel like you are in danger, when you are actually in a safe surrounding. The trick is to embrace it, instead of tolerating it. You can find ways to deal with the temporary situation.

5. It can be reduced by addressing the emotional state – There is a particular reason which is making you feel uncomfortable emotionally. Look out what is bothering you and work on it.

Photo Credits: Pixabay