Justin Bieber reveals he is diagnosed with Lyme disease

Justin Bieber will be posting documentary series that will narrate his struggle with Lyme disease

justin bieber

Canadian singer Justin Bieber has revealed that he is suffering from Lyme disease and has been diagnosed with a serious case of chronic infectious mononucleosis that has not just affected his skin but has also affected his health overall. The Yummy singer in recent times has been facing a lot of backlash from his observers and fans with comments that he does not look good. The constant backlash from his followers forced the singer to make a revelation that he is not doing well physically which is the reason that makes him look sick and unpleasant.

Bieber also revealed that his medical condition has affected his skin, energy, functioning of the brain and his overall health. The 25 year old further explained that his condition will be explained in detail in a documentary series that he would be uploading on YouTube shortly. The fans of the singer will soon be able to see what he has been going through physically and mentally due to his recently diagnosis.

Justin Bieber further said that the documentary series will narrate all the struggles that he is going through and is trying to overcome. The singer added that he has gone through some rough years but getting the right kind of treatment would help to treat the disease which is incurable so far. Justin assured that he would be back soon. The upcoming documentary featuring Justin will narrate his journey with Lyme and also narrate the scary symptoms that he had undergone in 2019.

In 2019, the singer opened about his struggles with depression and most of his condition had went undiagnosed. For those who do not know about Lyme disease, it is transmitted to humans through infected ticks and shows symptoms of bulls eye rash. It has to be noted that the Lyme diseases affects different people in different ways and even the symptoms seem different from person to person.

Photo Credits: Instagram