4 Myths about skincare that can actually harm

While many people follow home remedies for skin care, there are also a few myths that people need to be aware of


Every person is these days conscious about their skin and often try different methods to make their skin flawless. But one has to be careful while following a few routines as not everything works as it has been mentioned. There are a few myths about skin care and many people are not aware of it. Close friends and family members often come up with a few home remedies that they assure give you the best results, but one needs to be careful while actually applying them. Here are a few skin care myths that one need to be aware of and be careful.

1. Home remedies work the best for skin care – Home remedies do work most of the times, but there can be times when a wrong proportion can give a reverse effect. If you do not have ample knowledge, then you need to have a good study first before you experiment on your skin. Your skin might be allergic to a few ingredients mentioned in the home remedies. Always do a patch test first.

2. Oily skin does not need a moisturizer – This is the biggest myth as people often say that since there is already lot of oil in the oily skin, it does not need moisturizing. Oily skin also needs some nourishment as the oily skin too loses oil after cleansing and face wash. Proper moisturizing also protects the skin from some of the external factors like pollution and dust.

3. Washing your skin many times in a day keeps it clean – Washing is good for the skin, but doing it too many times in a day can deprive it of the natural oils that it secrets. It can make the skin dry and dehydrated. Washing your face twice a day is sufficient.

4. No need of sunscreen when it is cloudy or no sun – Even when it is cloudy, the natural light and UV rays can penetrate the skin as it is not visible by the naked eyes. This is the reason, you need to wear sunscreen with a good SPF even when it is not sunny.

Photo Credits: Pixabay