4 Health Benefits of consuming turmeric milk

Turmeric milk has been a popular health drink since ages and its benefits are endless

turmeric milk

Milk mixed with the winder spice turmeric, is not just rich in taste but has also been a health drink since ages. Turmeric is a very common spice often found in Asian cuisines and now it is used in dishes across the globe due to its health benefits. It has multiple properties and can work wonders to your health. Here are a few health benefits of consuming turmeric milk especially during the winter months.

1. Good for heart – Turmeric has anti-oxidants and also has anti-inflammatory properties due to which it makes it a great companion for the heart health. If not with milk, turmeric can be included in your every day meals as well.

2. Protects from inflammation– The spice turmeric is rich in curcumin which helps to control inflammation. People who suffer from arthritis can benefit greatly by consuming turmeric milk on an everyday basis. It helps to reduce the pain and also helps to deal with fatigue.

3. Great to boost immunity – People who have a poor body immunity can consume turmeric milk on an everyday basis. It helps to keep away some of the common winter ailments like cold and flu and also other health issues. It is also said that turmeric milk helps to improve brain function and also helps to sharpen memory.

4. Ample source of anti-oxidants – As mentioned earlier, turmeric has curcumin , which has anti-oxidant properties. It protects the body from free radicals and helps to fight cell damage.

How to make turmeric milk

Heat one glass of full cream milk and add sugar according to your taste and requirement. Add half a teaspoon of turmeric after the milk comes to boil. Simmer the mixture for about a minute and turn the heat off. For best results, drink the milk warm and on an empty stomach. It can also be consumed before going to bed as it aids good sleep.

Photo Credits: Pixabay