Amazon extends free return policy on millions of items

Amazon purchasers will now be able to return items for free on products which were so far not eligible under return policy


Amazon is making the most of the holiday season and has announced that it is expanding free return policy to millions of its products that were earlier not eligible. The products include household items, electronics and kitchen appliances. The only condition here is that the products should be sold as well as fulfilled by Amazon and should weigh under 50 pounds. The fresh policy is just in time for the holiday season and applies on all the products that are purchased on Amazon starting from November 1, 2019.

The offer will be valid for the products that are purchased up until December 31, 2019 and the customers can up to January 31, 2020 return a product that was delivered in that time for free. The e-commerce giant has said that the customers can return the item that is eligible for any reason and would get a full refund. Moreover, Amazon said that it has expanded its free return policy but the customers will have only 30 days from the date of delivery to claim the free return instead of the two full month window.

Till now the company had allowed free return only on some of the selected products including bedding, clothing and apparel. The customers could claim a full refund, if the product that was delivered was defective or something went wrong with the delivery. In other cases, the company would deduct the cost of shipping if the return label was used. With the new offer, Amazon is surely bringing changes to make its name more popular among the buyers and to make the most of the holiday season, when the purchase rates are high.

The fresh free return policy will help the customers to build some confidence as they could return it for free in case of any issues. The new offer from Amazon is surely going to attract many purchasers.

Photo Credits: Pixabay