5 Emotions to be avoided in a relationship

A relationship needs to have a good balance that has to be maintained by people involved in it


Negative feelings and emotions are a part of life and sometimes they cannot be avoided. Many times we try our best to avoid such emotions to avoid situations that can get awkward for us and for others who are around us. A relationship has to be handled with utmost care and a few negative emotions in excess can make it sour and unhealthy. Here are a few emotions that can be avoided in a relationship –

1. Insecurity –There cannot be nothing as unpleasant as being insecured in a relationship. A relationship is built on the foundation of trust and if it is broken then a partner can get insecured and becomes a one-sided relation. It is OK to be insecured in a normal way, but then one becomes paranoid, then things become unhealthy in a relationship.

2. Jealousy – One of the partner can get jealous, when the other is more interested in other people. Jealousy can also be due to a child when a person ignored his/her partner completely due to a child. Such kind of jealousy is certainly not healthy and can lead to problems.

3. Possessiveness – We often tend to become a little possessive towards our partners which can be normal, but it can become toxic when a partner becomes over-possessive. This can have a negative impact and cab lead to unnecessary issues and arguments between a couple.

4. Aggressiveness – Having fights in a relationship is ok and normal, but when it becomes frequent, it becomes frustrating for both involved. Under such circumstances, it is essential for the aggressive partner to control their anger and stop taking up unnecessary issues.

5. Refusing to forgive – Arguments are a part of a relationship and one need to maintain a balance by forgiving the other partner no matter what happens. When a partner refuses to forgive, then the relationship ultimately gets killed on its own.

Photo Credits: Pixabay