5 Benefits of doing jumping jacks

Jumping jacks is an exercise that gives a whole body workout and can be called as the best form of exercise

jumping jacks

Exercise is a must when it comes to maintaining a healthy lifestyle. There are many exercises which are good for health, but a few are more effective and are great for a healthy workout of the body. Jumping jacks is one of the easiest forms of exercise and can be done on a daily basis. It is a workout form that exercises the entire body and instantly elevates the mood and activities. It is great form of exercise for the cardio vascular system and also helps to relieve stress. Here are a few reasons why jumping jacks can be healthy and good for the overall body.

1. Helps in weight loss – Jumping jacks promotes weight loss as it helps to burn the excess calories. Since it is a cardio exercise, it helps to burn extra calories. It is also great as it burns more calories than you actually consume.

2. Good for the heart – The body needs more oxygen to fulfill the energy demands of the body and also stimulates heart muscles. Under such circumstances, the heart needs to pump more blood which will be enough to have oxygenated blood. This also helps to exercise the heart muscles.

3. Improves flexibility of the body – Even if you do not lead an active life, then you can try to do jumping jacks . It is simple, does not take much of your time and also improves the flexibility of the body. You can begin with low intensity jumping jacks and gradually increase the speed and count.

4. Improves stamina of the body – Jumping jacks includes landing softly on the toes which in turn helps to improve the stability and balance. Gradually increasing the count and sets can help to increase the body stamina.

5. Improves coordination – Not many might be aware that doing jumping jacks helps to improve the coordination between the brain and the limbs.

Photo Credits: Pixabay