Intermittent fasting is the new technique of losing weight

Intermittent fasting does not demand a change in diet habits but a change in the timings

intermittent fasting

Slimming down or losing weight has become a priority for many as people are slowly becoming more conscious towards heath. There are many types of diets that can help people to achieve the weight that they wish for. A few diets like Paleo, detox or keto are some of the popular ones which are followed by many people. But now, since the year is coming to an end, people are now more keen to lose weight as the year end would see many people leaving for a holiday.People who are looking forward to lose weight in less time, can follow the new trend of intermittent fasting.

Such a fasting technique cannot be followed by many as it includes 10 hours of eating and 14 hours of fasting. This technique surely sounds weird but it does help people who are trying to lose weight. Under this fasting technique, the first meal of the day has to be taken at 8 am and then the last calorie consumed in the day should be by 6 PM.

Such a technique was also experimented by a team of researchers in Cell Metabolism , which had invited overweight people. The researchers tracked their activity with such an approach for three months. The participants were encouraged to remain hydrated during the 14 hour fasting period and made them consume plenty of water. The participants maintained their activities through an app. Their weight was checked after a while and it was observed that there was a three percent reduction in their weight and a 4 percent reduction in abdominal fat.

However, the participants were not asked to change their eating habits but only their eating window was changed. The participants not just lost weight, but also noticed a drop in cholesterol levels and blood pressure levels. Even the sleep patterns were improved and many of the participants reported that they felt more energetic due to intermittent fasting.

Photo Credits: Pixabay